Onida specializes in providing the highest quality goods for your every agricultural need, while offering premium consultancy services during each step of the process – from the planning & implementation stage to the full production and marketing of the project.


  • Aquaculture surveys and site selection for utilization of water resources and water management.
  • Fully controlled, sustainable aquaculture developments using modern technologies, suitable for all kinds of fish and shrimp.
  • Advanced hatcheries, species selection and breeding.
  • Fish and shrimp culture year round.

  • Survey and site selection.
  • High-quality year round vegetable production.
  • Advanced nurseries for plant production.
  • Effective control against pests and disease.
  • Advanced drip irrigation technologies.
  • Post harvesting and marketing.

  • Farm analysis and select locations for utilization of automated poultry farming.
  • Fully integrated poultry processing operation using and applying advanced technologies for increased production output.
  • Use of controlled environments for breeding, processing and packaging of high quality products.
  • Product supply year round.

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